Where I Come From

I have always sang along to “going back to my roots” by Lucky Dube but I have never understood it. I guess it is because they say when you are happy, you enjoy the song but when you’re sad you understand the lyrics. Sometimes I wonder if nitavumilia, nitajuhurumia, or nitajivunia kua Mkenya. My dad and mom have never explained to me where I come from so I keep wondering. Am I even Kenyan? …such thoughts can never fail to cross your mind when you get to know where I come from.

I come from a country where children are always smart until they go to school. Not that school is bad but because when you get there, they erase everything you know and start teaching you a preset curriculum. As a result, it’s not until you are 23 or 25 that you get to know what you want to be in life. They however never stop asking you what you want to be when you grow up. They then go ahead to tell you what not to be. They tell you how good you are in math and how you can make good use of it as an accountant. But how then can I be what I wanna be? Accounting is not my identity nor my destiny. They just never asked me to choose! “But we thought uuhhh…” Yea, that’s what they’ve always done. Think and decide for me. Sometimes I just feel like I don’t know me. And if I don’t know me, then how can they?

I come from a country where the poor walk for kilometers in search of food while the rich run for kilometers to lose weight. Have we really been unable to bridge that gap? Haven’t you heard Kenneth say that kindness is the only language seen by the blind and heard by the deaf? Or am I the only one who comes from a country where rain is abundant but somehow we are often faced with drought and have to survive on food for thought?

I come from a country where the government has sold a bad image to it’s people coz it acts after the facts. I wish that they can be more like lions, who only kill when hungry but sadly, they are like ravenous wolves who kill for no reason. I think it’s time I reminded them that when winter comes, the lone wolf, who wandered away from the pack, dies in the cold. You know why? Because the strength of the wolf is in the pack and that of the pack in the wolf. We need to heal this nation and its not the doctors. They went to school to become therapists but some of them have become the rapists. And that is not where I come from, it’s where I live.




The Girl With A Thousand Smiles

Are you happy to be here? Or you are here to be happy? That is stolen but I am not going to steal anything else today apart from your ears, breath and thoughts. I know that you may not have taken a vacation of late so it is my pleasure to have you take this emotional trip with me. This is a story about a girl who had a thousand smiles but her feelings, her dignity and passion for life was stolen by a man she held so dear, a friend-the-enemy within. So welcome on-board and take this journey with me.

Born and raised as the only child of her mom and dad she enjoyed all the privileges that life had to offer. She attended the best kindergarten of her time and she was always top of her class. By the age of ten she had started falling on the path of music and arts which she really enjoyed. The school teachers loved her so much, she had a lot of friends in school and the church was so fond of her especially when she would stand on the pulpit every Sunday and sing a hymn or two as the whole congregation sat and listened in amazement and adoration. She was the love of every parent and her name never left their lips. Her charisma was what anyone would ever ask for in a child. At thirteen she was this adorable teenage girl, who had long dark kinky hair, smooth chocolate skin and her eyes shone as those of an angel.

As days went by she grew more and more beautiful. She had joined the worship choir at the church by now and her voice had become one of the best I have ever heard. She came to church early every Sunday morning, helped in setting things up before service and would later walk back home past Six in the P.M. This would have served as a wake-up call but who was so intelligent to read her beyond her bright smiling face? Every minute you spent with her would remain memorable for the rest of your life so yes she was perfect. Or wasn’t she? Because that is what everyone thought. She had the most amazing smiles but not until this one fine Sunday morning. She got to church earlier than usual, did her normal routine the same way she always did but at around 9:30 AM everything switched from paradise to hell on earth. She was standing at the pulpit, in front of the choir, leading the church to a worship chorus when all of a sudden she dropped with a thud on the floor like a sack of maize and that minute felt like life had been sucked out of her in a second.

The church went dead silent as a few young men rushed towards her. She was concussed and in dire need of medical attention so the Reverend offered his car keys and she was rushed to hospital. The medics ran several tests on her immediately she was admitted and all they asked for was her parents. They were called and they made haste to the hospital only to find their beautiful daughter, who was now sixteen, lying lifeless on a hospital bed in ward six. It was not until 4 hrs later that we would start joining dots to this puzzle. She was now awake and would go ahead to confirm the doctor’s report that she was three months pregnant. Anger and rage was now filling her mother up to the brain as her father just sat there and stared at her. Denoting that her mother was about to start shooting at her with hundreds of questions she started giving the answers beforehand. “I remember it was on my 13th birthday… and I was so happy that I had finally joined teenage but to my surprise it wasn’t going to be fun or as enjoyable as I imagined. On that night at precisely 1:30 AM, I heard a swift knock on my bedroom door but before I could respond it flung open. The next thing I know is that dad was on top of me, undressing me as he asked me not to say a word. That dreadful night was the first of the many that I have suffered in the last three years’’

The room now got dense with emotions, more quiet than a grave and felt a little bit smaller. Her mother could not decipher what she was hearing… that, the man she fell in love with was now a heartless beast? I can only imagine how it was for Dora, how she could never have told her mother that her father, the man they both loved so much, had now gone morally bankrupt. Those beautiful smiles of hers can had always hidden her bitterness. Or is the joy that she saw in the faces of those hundreds of congregants, every time she stood at the pulpit and sang her heart out to the Lord, that kept her going? That’s another window pane story. Maybe what everyone had forgotten was that every glory has a story. Her eyes always glittered with hope that one day she would be free like a bird and fly away into worlds unknown. Yet now here she was, lying on a hospital bed as she told her story. It is true that everyone is the hero of their own story but next when you see a girl smile make sure you find out whether it is out of anger, agony or just love.

Inspiration: The girl with the dragon tattoo

When I Grew Up

There is a big difference between growing up and growing old. When I grew up, I did my life a huge favor. Many people that I’d never grow up but little did they know that I had a notion in mind, Forward Ever Backward Never. Growing up I tried a lot to please many but at some point I gave up. Maybe that’s why I sometimes miss my life that was full of flavor. I mean, first I was a babe, an angel, a cute little thing but in the hands of my mama I threw up.

Then a child, I started crawling and with everything I placed my hands on I messed up. A few years gone by, now a small boy and that’s when I stood up. I made the first few steps into my life and soon was sent to school but I still messed up. I thank God that luckily I had this loving dad who always covered up when I messed up. Years went by and primary school was done. I afterwards joined high school and adolescence and that’s when I even tried my sister’s make up. The school principle always thought I was too old for my little acts. He often called me a retard even though he always believed in every little story that I made up

Four years went by quick, I later joined varsity and because I had so many dreams I was always taking a nap. But the dreams were never happening so I thought maybe I needed to wake up. I immediately enrolled as a student of life and believe me it was not any other time but then when I grew up. I applied the valid lessons learned, like for instance I learned that light travels faster than sound. That is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak ask Alan Dundes. I also learnt that we are all entitled to e a little bit stupid but some people have abused that stupidity. Like Macbeth when he says, ‘’…life is a tale told by an idiot.’’ Believing that I cannot because I know that my life is a story written by God.

These and many more lessons have since worked out my path to the top but folks I am now getting lonely at the top so hurry up and join me at the top.

My Love;

My love, we are born in one day and we die in one. We marry in one day and call it a happy one, we get saved in one day(sings …oh happy day, when Jesus washed my sins away) but for you sweet heart there’s no other happy day. Life’s struggles have made sure of that not forgetting your boss and job who also demand a share of your attention stretching every single bit of you beyond limits but you still smile and attend to each of their needs. Honey, doing this has turned you inside out exposing to you every little secret and strengths you never thought you had inside.

My love, you are calm on the outside but like a volcano on the inside and throughout this strife you are plunged into violent storms of life but even on the darkest of nights you still hope that morning will come, for joy comes in the morning. And when it does, you wake up to repeat the same cycle but take heart because that simply exhibits how the power of a man is slowly bowing to the strength of a woman

My love, when you love you don’t look back but though you are as gentle a s a dove remember there’s a very thin line between love and hate. Love is a beautiful thing, it opens doorways to nature and to new skies and galaxies that no one ever thought existed. Life has been unfair and we have had our share but I want you to know that if the ocean was my ink, the sky my paper and the stars my words still it would not be enough to say how much I love you.

My love, I remember how I spent my life trying to convince my shadow that I’m a man worth following coz it’s the only one that followed me when everyone left me.  But as we intertwined in our day to day struggles you made me believe in myself again and now i know that I’m gonna rise up against all odds and conquer. Honey, because you are a chapter in my life that will never be deleted, I have decided that from this day on I won’t ever get mad at you for everything when i’m only mad at you for one thing.

My love, I am fond of watching stars and when I first saw you I knew you were one. And from that day I loved you so much but that love don’t mean anything compared to the love I have for you right now.

I love you my love.


There’s a secret in giving but be careful when hearing me. Everything about giving is divining but only if given a good defining. The art of giving can earn you a living …if you do it right. It is one of the things you can’t learn overnight but it is quickly absorbed …if you are bright.

In giving there are two kinds of motives, the right ones cannot be learnt from our relatives but for sure we can learn alot from the israelites. Toa ubarikiwe na mungu with a right motive lakini chunga usiilaaniwe ama uibiwe na Kanyari for a wrong one.

God loves a cheerful giver and his spirit abides in a grace giver. Although you may be fond of giving, remember you can not give what you don’t have, you must receive and then you can give. So to be a grace giver you must be a grace receiver. To be a cheereul giver you must be a cheerful receiver.

It is about time I gave you a briefing,giving is more blessed than receiving!
I give not because I have alot to give bt because I know what it feels like not to have. Giving is not all about money and gifts, how about if you give bits of love? how about you make someone smile or laugh? How about you give your time?? Giving houses a whole lot of stuff so friends may God bless you as you plan to double your standards of giving


L.I.F.E , life,

Lies, Lessons, Love
Innocence, imaginations, integrity
Family, friends, fairytales
Eloquence, Economics, Eternity, every thing

Ladies…, gentlemen, and those that fall in between ladies and gentlemen…What is life? Who can tell me what life is? You think you know what life is? Listen, life to this generation is having a big following on instagram, facebook and twitter but wait how many of those people come for your birthday? Life is no longer about facebook likes because happiness and sadness are relative concepts They say that life is defined by your success but didn’t they forget that it’s also defined by your failure! These are two things considered crucial in life because success introduces you to the world while failure introduces the world to you. No one cares about you during your failure except your family and that is when you learn that in life, expectations always hurt. You may never get a reward for your good deeds but punishment for every wrong one is sure.

Your friends, enemies, goals, your crushes…everything and everybody changes with time. The only thing that is constant and inevitable is the change. I was told that education is the key to success but no one bothered to show me the door to success nor success. So what am I to do with the key when I come from a country where the corrupt are considered successful?

Friends, one person or a single statement cannot define life. That’s why I’m still in search of the fool that says life begins at 40, so that he can tell me what the 39yrs are. And if you’re trying to compare your life to mine then grow up. We are in the same race called life but on different lanes so move at your own pace. Finally to the Y.O.L.O geeks, you never live once…there is life after death, remember?